Murmull & objects inspired by architecture

August 3, 2018

Small Base - Bisque, Murmull

Clean lines, geometric and minimalist forms, serene appearance, these are the aesthetic goals of Murmull. Meet Xenia Dikalo and Eduard Mondéjar, a design duo from Barcelona and creative force of Murmull.

Specialized in creating contemporary objects and accessories in limited-editions, this year Murmull launched their first collection called "Domesticated Architecture". It is a series of objects inspired by the works of contemporary Catalan architects such as: Josep Lluis Sert (Miró Foundation), Ricardo Bofill (The Factory - Workshop of Architecture), Xavier Corberó (House of the Sculptor), Antonio Bonet (The Ricarda-Gomis House) etc. Through proportion, rhythm, color, Murmull's objects tell a story about their relation to architecture.

'By studying the work of mentioned architects we could find the perfect combination of modernity and details of traditional Mediterranean architecture. We have tried to imagine who could live inside these constructions and what kind of objects could fit in there.'

Xenia Dikalo and Eduard Mondéjar of Murmull

Low Ceramic Pot - Green

Step Stool - Bisque

 Small Base - Gray

Another important element of Murmull's work is the manufacturing process. It guarantees high quality and  good properties of their products. 'For this reason, our products are manufactured locally in a sustainable way  combining artisanal processes and the most advanced, cutting-edge technology.' Thanks to this approach, Murmull was able to, for example, ensure the waterproof properties of their ceramic vases. 'This feature makes  easier to use our vases in everyday life because the clay leaves the surface dry even if the vase is full  of  water.'

Ceramic Pots - Green family

Ceramic Pots - Bisque

 Large Base - Gray

Graphic Work "Scale 2" – Cherry

Step Stool - Oak

Yet another thing I appreciate is the way Murmull presents their brand and products. Bold compositions with a significant role of light and shadow. Sometimes with dominant brightness, when high-intensity light shines on objects, whereas other times objects plunged in deep deep shadow emerge through streaks or patches of light. Product arrangement and play of lights highlight the beauty and charm of 'Domesticated Architecture' series.

Engagement on design and brand level, as well as a respectful and innovative approach to the making process are Murmull's recipe for excellent design.

'For us, every product has a special value, it is an experience that undergoes several stages from conceptualization to materialization but above all it is a process from which we always seek to learn something new.'

Bases - Green and Bisque

Ceramic Pots - Garnet and Green

Bases - Green and Gray

Image credits: Murmull
More about Murmull:
Instagram: @murmull_official
Facebook: @murmull

Text: Joanna Banach


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  7. Murmull" is a creative collection of objects inspired by architecture. Why Popular Pubg These designs blend the functional with the artistic, reflecting the beauty and structure found in architectural elements.


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