François Bazin - green-fingered designer

April 21, 2019

Bagatelle by François Bazin

A finesse brass lamp with navy blue feathers, a backlit walnut palm leaf, mysterious City Fog lamp with encoded message, this is a design universe of François Bazin at a glimpse.

François Bazin is a Paris based independent designer who makes lamps and limited series of small furniture, as well as single pieces on request, and designs interiors. He's design is elegant and subtle, distinguished by carefully selected materials like glass, brass or different types of wood. In a way his design is a poetic meeting between deco and nature.

City Fog wall

City Fog ceiling

'When I was a child, during summers I used to help my grandfather maintaining a XIX century garden around  our country house; he transmitted his passion for gardens on me. (...) Years have passed and my interest for  gardens and plants grew stronger.'

Greffe lacquer ivory

 Palme I (Trachycarpus fortunei)

Deep interest in nature prompted François to take up studies at the Architectural School of Versailles where he's deepened his knowledge on classical arts and garden architecture.

'My inspiration is also coming from photography, painting and architecture (...) but it is especially the discovery of the gardens, their history and diversity that inspires me today (...) I am always surprised while discovering the variety of plants, their shapes, colors...'

 François Bazin

Work sketches

 Palme II (Licuala grandis)


Francois refers to nature also in another way, he follows a sustainable approach by carefully choosing materials his objects are made of, natural, long lasting, and collaborating with local craftsmen. On top of that, his design carries a message meant to highlight important environmental issues. The message is usually encoded in the name of his design pieces, for example, 'Mer nature' (Sea of Nature) or 'City fog lamp'.

 City Fog rose

 City Fog noir

His pieces bring a feeling of summer holiday and a smell of sea breeze. And maybe that's just it, his designs are meant to make us feel blissful because only then we can understand how crucial and priceless communing with nature is.

Greffe walnut

More about François Bazin :
Text: Joanna Banach


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