Element of dynamism - decorative objects by Angela Willemsen

May 15, 2017

'Segments', Belgian bluestone, Photographer: Manon van Wezenbeek

Angela Willemsen is a young object designer based in Rotterdam. Her work spans small interior objects and larger spatial-related concepts. In her projects Angela aims to cross the boundaries of her discipline by creating elements that influence perception of a space they are placed in. Striving to find new design ways 'to escape from often standard and static interior design formula’ and dynamise the space, she has created ’Segments’ – collection of decorative wall objects.

’Segments started as a fascination for something really simple and something which is always present, shadows on the streets. Shadows from lampposts, trees, buildings etc. I was really intrigued by their graphical  beauty and the fact that they’re never the same. Something so simple, yet so dynamic, I wanted to be able to  incorporate this in an interior. By creating shadows Segments add a dynamic element to the often static  interior. The wall objects interact with natural- and artificial light, partially blocking it and forming a shadow  that in a sense completes the shape of the object. Every moment of the day the objects will show a unique  silhouette on the wall.’

Shape studies - 'Volume I', @angelawillemsen.nl

Angela Willemsen

’Segments’ series consists of three shapes made in Carrara marble, Belgian bluestone and limited edition stone of choice. ’Segments’, along with other projects of Angela’s, show her fascination for geometry, minimalism and pure forms. Simple, yet unconventional. You can play around with ’Segments’, blend them nicely into space and enjoy the transformation of shadow they cast on the course of the day. 


'Segments', Anröchter Grünstein, Photographer: Manon van Wezenbeek

Angela is balancing in-between creative medias, working on the edge of product design, spatial design and art installation. She seeks to place her creations in conceptual context. She uses a starting point as a guideline for form and function.

'Segments' - prototypes, Image: @angelawillemsen.nl

Colour palette, Image: @angelawillemsen.nl

Here's an insight into her current project.

’I’ve been working on a new project for some time now, it’s still in development but I could give you a short introduction!
For this project I’m working with the ever changing compositions of an urban environment. The idea is to create multiple ‘building block-like’ volumes which can be freely (re-)arranged and stacked in a space. This way you can create different functions like a side table, a bench, a divider or an object. The volumes will represent archetypical shapes of architecture like stairs, arches and columns. I plan on launching ‘Volume I’ this year!’

Sounds like an interesting direction – nice shapes, functionality and fair dose of playfulness. Fingers crossed for the final outcome!

'Volume I' - mock up and sketch, Image: @angelawillemsen.nl

More about Angela Willemsen: angelawillemsen.nl

Text: Joanna Banach

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