Terrazzo - new face

January 25, 2017

'Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase No. 4', Max Lamb for Dzek, Photographer: Sasa Stucin

Funky, colorful, with intriguing pattern – terrazzo returns with unique visual power! The material which can be found everywhere, yet no one notices it, now becomes something your eye won't ever miss.

Terrazzo is a composite material created in Italy as a low–cost and durable floor or wall lining received in the process of reuse waste material, such as chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass ect., poured with binder like cement or resin.

Nowadays, terrazzo is used in range of applications. It comes in various colors and patterns, the aggregates vary in shape, size, density. New technologies allow to improve its quality and properties, making it possible to obtain products such as 'Marmoreal' – a beautiful and unique terrazzo marble composed of approx. 95% Italian marble, developed by Max Lamb and produced by Dzek. The product is offered in two colourways, with either white or black background.

When it comes to the look, terrazzo can appear really playful and highly visual, it can reveal its extravagant or elegant side too. Whatever the character, I love how it blends with clean, monochromatic, minimalist elements and materials, giving a new visual dimension to the space.

I hope that selected pictures reflect well the diversified nature and potential of 'new terrazzo'.

'Valentino Rome' flagship store, David Chipperfield Architects

'Tabula’ Note Design Studio for Fogia 

'Marmoreal Library, Low’, Max Lamb for Dzek, Photographer: Angela Moore

'Potafiori' in Milan, Storage Associati, Photographer: Giandomenico Frassi

Residential project by Studio Buraglia

'Confetti Trolley', Derya Arpac for OK Design

'Bitter Slippers', Martyna Barbara Golik, Photographer: Andreas Omvik 
Slippers made of terrazzo–like foam and felt
'Collecta', Albeto Bellamoli

'Anne', Dialect

Text: Joanna Banach

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