Design trip among tastes & colors with Martyna Golik

October 28, 2016

Material samples by Martyna Golik
Meet Martyna – creative, travel and food enthusiast, co-founder of 'Studio witek golik'.

Martyna Golik is a Copenhagen based, Polish product designer. Her work spans many areas, like textile design, furniture design, illustration or food design. Martyna’s design explores tactility, texture, color and user experience in relation to senses and emotions. Working with her own hands, touching number of fabrics and materials, trying out various textile techniques, helps her understand not only the material and its possibilities but also the relation between its properties and the impact on the senses.

Since Martyna travels quite a lot, I asked her to explain how traveling influences her work. 

’Travels are essential for me as a source of inspiration but also a way of taking a break from all decision  making I face every day. I guess it takes some time for me to process all the stimuli I get while traveling and  therefore those travel inspirations affect my work in a slower and less direct way (they are not that obvious in  my designs). But the whole experience stays in my head, shapes the way I see things and helps me to see  something more or maybe differently.’

Martyna Golik & her project 'Touch that taste' at Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Photographer: Michał

In the studio, Image: @martynabarbaragolik
'Memory Pillow' Studio witek golik, Nomess

Another hobby that fuels Martyna's creativity is food and cooking. Her interest in relationship between food and design has begun during her studies at KADK.

’I realised that food is actually something that responds to all human senses and more than that: by eating  food it becomes a part of us. I thought that was very inspiring and interesting and I started to investigate the  topic a bit more. After writing a text about "How can we as designers use food as a material?" I started a little  personal project where I was eating one-colored food every day of the week. This project is now called Chro  and after almost 3 years is still ongoing.’

Project samples, Image: @martynabarbaragolik

Experiments with 'memory' foam, Image: @martynabarbaragolik

Work drawings/illustrations, Image: @martynabarbaragolik

At the moment, Martyna’s main focus is on the studio she’s started with Sisse Witek. 'Studio witek golik' has recently realized a project of textile accessories for a design brand 'Nomess Copenhagen'. Pillows and tea towels of 'Studio witek golik' design make a pleasent and appetizing home accessory. Minimal and clean, yet playful!

'Studio witek golik' is already working on new projects. 

’We have a couple of projects for international homeware brands that will be released in the beginning of  2017. At the same time we are working on our own project where we investigate senses and everyday routines that we are both very excited about’ explains Martyna.

And I am looking forward to see their new designs :)

'Soft' collection Studio witek golik, Nomess

'Memory Pillows' Studio witek golik, Nomess, Image: @witekagolik
'Memory Pillows' Studio witek golik, Nomess, Image: @witekgolik
More about Martyna Golik: ,

Text: Joanna Banach


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