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August 13, 2016

 'The Hatch', Faye Toogood
Bizarre combinations of shapes, vibrant colors and crazy patterns, these are the features of Memphis design. Memphis was created in the 80’s on the initiative of Ettore Sottsass and a group of Milanese designers and architects. The movement took its name from Bob Dylan’s song “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”, played during the meeting of the the group.

A sensory, imaginative and quirky style, where the visual aspect dominates over the function gets rediscovered in 2014, grabs attention and inspires since then. Neo-Memphis gets willingly adapted for patterns of upholstery fabrics, clothing, applied art, ceramic or glass products. Neo-Memphis motives can be also found in graphic design.

The style gains on popularity as a theme of temporary spatial design projects, like product displays or set design for editorial photo shoots. Neo-Memphis elements can be found in commercial spaces too. I haven’t seen many Neo-Memphis interiors though, not everybody is a fan of such an expressivity of shapes and colors, I suppose. Besides, creating an interesting interior of a true Memphis character, not too exaggerated, yet playful, can be challanging. However, as an interior designer, I would gladly accept such a challenge :)

'Finals Focus Composition', Kate Jackling for COS

‘Untitled’ 2016, Johnny Abrahams

Bench from 'Neo Laminati Collection', Kelly Behun

Haw Lin for SZ Magazine

Delaunay, Studiopepe for Elle Decoration UK, Photographer: Andrea Ferrari

Despina Curtis for Case Da Abitare, Photographer: Thomas Brown

Text: Joanna Banach


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