Shift Mirrors by Angela Willemsen, Image: Roza Schous

Studio Angela Willemsen curated by Elisabetta Bongiorni at London Design Fair.

Show: September 20th - September 23rd
Thur - Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

A solo presentation of the collection of studio Angela Willemsen curated by Elisabetta Bongiorni. The showcase with a minimal and conceptual mood where composition and shape take centre stage.

Studio Angela Willemsen will be presenting wall object series, Segments, listed among ‘Best Find During Dutch Design Week 2016’ by Sight Unseen and introducing two new projects, 160° and Shift Mirrors.

160° Screen
The 90° angle is a characteristic element of the rectangular shape language in architecture. Adding curves changes these characteristics and therefore the perception of a space. Bend in a 160° screen softens sharp corners and edges, providing a sense of intimacy.

Shift Mirrors
The mirrors reflect the surroundings, highlighting architectural and graphic elements such as corners, ceilings, shutters, pipes and wires. Shift Mirrors offer a different perspective, more sculptural and abstract reflection of existing ambient.

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Hall 10 / Stand 10.73

Old Truman Brewery
26 Hanbury Street London

Artwork by Elisabetta Bongiorni

160°, Image: Roza Schous

160°, Image: Roza Schous

Shift Mirror, Image: Roza Schous
 Shift Mirror, Image: Titia Hahne

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