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August 31, 2016

 'Series 7 chair' Arne Jacobsen, Fritz Hansen

Scandinavians are known for their design. White and pale tones, natural materials, minimalism and functionality, these image comes to mind when Nordic Design is mentioned. Even though Nordic Design has lots of enthusiasts, myself included, I've encountered bias against this style too, oftentimes supported by arguments such as colorless, too rough and cold, too minimalist and modest. To overthrow these allegations I wanted to present some examples of Nordic Design of today.

If we assume that Scandinavians suffer from a shortage of sunny weather, the usage of natural materials, giving a sense of warmth, such as wood, leather, plants, candles, seems a natural choice. Lately, there is also more room for color and other pleasant materials. Scandinavians are far from using flashy colors or flowery patterns but color in interior design, furniture or accessories is becoming increasingly popular. Another tendency is striving for dark and monochromatic elegance, often in combination with sparkling copper or brass, marble or terrazzo, as well as soft and pleasant velvet upholstery, all enveloped by typically Scandinavian lighting resembling candlelight.

Nordic style is neither rigid nor static and just like everything else undergoes certain transformations. Scandinavia seems to go towards meeting new possibilities and to open up to new aesthetics, entering into many international collaborations, but at the same time taking care of Nordic identity of their design.

'Three Cities: Deconstructed' Studio Vera & Kyte, Photographer: Siren Lauvdal

Kråkvik & D'Orazio styling for Bo Bedre, Photographer: Siren Lauvdal

'Copenhague Table & Copenhague Chair' Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Hay

Kråkvik & D'Orazio styling for Bo Bedre, Photographer: Siren Lauvdal

Kråkvik & D'Orazio styling for Juton and Frama Cph, Photographer: Siren Lauvdal

'Palette Table JH8' Jaime Hayon, &Tradition

'Mirror Mobiles' Elkeland Studio, styling by Sofie Brunner, Photographer: Enok Holsegaard

'Beetle Lounge Chair' GamFratesi, Gubi

Apartament in Copenhagen, Studio David Thulstrup, Photographer: Hampus Berndtson

Text: Joanna Banach

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