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March 5, 2017

Collecta by Alberto Bellamoli

Going in depth with terrazzo topic, I came across an inspiring story by Alberto Bellamoli. The story gives a closer look at terrazzo making process and more than that, it also tells about the connection between the designer and the material. The steps of bringing to life terrazzo collection were captured in beautiful scenes, bringing to the story a powerful narrative. See for yourself! Let the images speak to your senses and Albetro's words guide you through the process.

'I work to create honest, beautiful products, that truthfully tell their stories (...)
I have my roots in a tiny village in the north of Italy. Work on terrazzo collection has been a  journey back to my roots, and my heritage.’

'Terrazzo is a material with a special meaning to me, it’s been used for centuries by the local artisans in my  region. I have always been fascinated by how some poor ingredients make it possible to create a new  beautiful material, a man-made marble. 
Terrazzo pattern is an amazing controlled chaos. You have the ingredients, you know the quantity, the quality, the colors, but the final results is always slightly out of control. I always feel a little anxious and excited to see  the final pattern. With terrazzo you can be certain that you've created something unique.'

'The collection presents some unedited terrazzo patterns that bring a new visual expression
to the material, moving away from the classical terrazzo patterns, still preserving the roots of the material, using a range of  traditional stone types used in the classical terrazzo.'  

     More about Alberto Bellamoli:

    Pictures: Stefano Bellamoli
    Text: Joanna Banach, Alberto Bellamoli

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